Venison Polish

50 lbs pork
50 lbs venison
15 lbs water
12 lbs sugar
2 1/2 lbs salt
2 oz nutmeg
3 oz cure
5 oz ground white pepper
4 oz garlic powder
2 oz mono sodium glutamate
1 1/2 oz ground celery
1 1/2 oz coriander
7/8 oz sodium erhthorbate


Grind pork and 25 lb. venison through medium plate. Grind 25 lb. venison through fine plate. Mix all ingredients with pork and venison for five minutes, or until all seasonings are blended into the meat. Stuff into casings. Smoke at 190 degrees F. for desired color. Cook in water at 160 degrees F. to internal temperature of 150 degrees F. Cool in water until internal temperature is below 90 degrees F. Store refrigerated.