Testimonials from our customers who have purchased our game processing videos or attended one of our deer processing seminars:

You are amazing.  I learned an awful lot watching your video on deer processing.  I was in awe about how you actually bone the whole side and laid it out

Ted Lewis, Duluth, MN

Bill’s seminars do an excellent job of teaching hunters how to take care of the deer they harvest. His seminars are well attended at our annual sports shows and audience participation is always good. I am sure anyone will learn something by attending one of his seminars or watching his video “Care and Processing of Venison.”

Mike Unulock – Past President, Douglas County Fish and Game League


A friend loaned an older VHS tape of your deer processing and I was so impressed I want my own copy.  You do a wonderful job of showing the entire process.  We are never too old to learn.  I have been hunting and processing my own deer and elk for over 40 years.  This includes boning the elk in the field.  I was excited to learn techniques that will  make the field process more efficient and also make the deer processing better.  I am especially impressed with the ability to identify the cuts using this method.

Ron Sander – Deerwood, MN


Just a thank you.  I am in my 60’s and never hunted before this year.  Took my first white tail buck with a crossbow from 35 feet on Monday.  Your DVD was amazingly helpful to me.  I took it to a processor that is holding it to age, and while there I saw about 40 carcasses that had been skinned very sloppily.  Massive chunks of meat had been cut away.  The processor looked at my carcass and said, “You get an A.”  I had just followed your instructions.  I appreciate your work.

Larry Franklin – Boerne, TX


I received the videos today.  I saw your presentation on how to cut up a deer at the Duluth, MN boat show and I was amazed how easy and simple you made it look.  After telling all of my uncle’s about you they told me I need to order the videos.  They are all very excited to watch the videos and pick up a few of your skills.  Thanks again for the videos, they will be a great addition to our deer camp.

Chad Brelie – Two Harbors, MN


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent seminar on deer processing and especially, knife sharpening.  I’ve been hunting deer in Illinois for twelve years now and am retired from the U.S. Army…I made the trip to the Bloomington, IL deer classic and was very impressed to say the least.  I strive to keep my knives as sharp as possible and respect the value and importance of a sharp knife.  Your presentation was very educational, informative, and easy to comprehend.  I just placed an order with you online and will definitely recommend your seminars, DVD’s and other products to my peers.  I think you have great product recommendations and have developed an excellent system for preparing game.  Thanks again, and maybe I’ll see you at next year’s show.

Sean Riggins – Highland, IL


I was at your deer “dissection” class about 2 years ago at the Deer & Turkey Spectacular here in Lansing and loved it.  Well now I’ve finally started hunting and want to be able to watch you in action again, so I ordered your venison processing DVD.  I was able to recall much of what you taught and used it in working on my first deer, a doe, taken in November.  I got about 50 lbs. of meat off her.  You are a great instructor.  Thanks for going to the effort to teach all of us in so many remote areas.

Kay Lockwood – East Lansing, MI


I enjoyed your seminar at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Columbus, OH on the 17th of March, 2007.  It made my trip of 2 1/2 hours from Carrollton, OH worth the time, among other things, at the expo.  I purchased the video Care and Processing of Venison.  I just finished viewing it on my PC and was very pleased.

 I have butchered many of my own deer for a long time here in Ohio.  I’m looking forward to next season and will try your method on my first harvested whitetail of the season.  I also found your advise about hanging time and processing to the freezer very informative.  I will decrease the hanging time and time of processing to the freezer.

Many thanks for the advise and new method I will use in butchering Whitetail.

Tom Hammen – Carrollton, OH


Just for your info.  You were the highlight of my nearly four hour drive to the Deer and Turkey Expo at Bloomington, Illinois.  I hope your business is a great success.  I purchased several items from your booth and attended your seminar.  I have shared your web site with several of my friends since my return home to Mt. Carmel Illinois and will continue to do so.  I have Deer hunted for 20 years and have always performed my own processing.  If only I had seen your presentation 20 years ago.  I learned so much from your presentation and video.  Your methods and instruction will make my future hunts all the more fun.  I can’t wait for the next bow season for not the hunt only but the processing aspect also.  I thank you for your personal attention you gave me in answering my questions and for your great products.

Dennis Johnson


We have had Bill Hesselgrave at our Hunters’ Expo for the last several years. His hand’s on demonstration of deer processing is an eye-opening experience for most hunters. Bill Hesselgrave’s step-by-step explanation of the care of a harvested animal and the processing of it are a “must” for every hunter. I highly recommend both his seminar and his video to everyone who wants a complete hunting experience “from the field to the freezer”. Thanks for your part in making our Hunters’ Expo so successful.

Pastor Darrell Nelson, Mission Covenant Church
Poplar, WI


Bill Hesselgrave seminars on processing venison are very informative, easy to follow, entertaining, and a joy to watch. He gets the audience to participate and ask a lot of questions. I know everyone, whether a beginner or veteran hunter, will learn by attending his seminars or watching his video on care and processing of venison. He does a good job of teaching.

Terry Olson, Manager
Gander Mountain, Duluth, Minnesota


I would like to say thanks for your video on Care and Processing Venison.  This has become the most valuable tool that an instructor can have for teaching in my Wisconsin Hunters Education Class.  I put on a very extensive 40 hour Hunter Education Program and this allows me to spend more time on hands on firearm training.  The students are able to take home your video as an information source to watch as many times as they feel is needed.  The comments that I hear most is, “I think I will try that next time I get a deer because I wasn’t sure just how to go about cutting it up”, or “I sure like that way better than having to saw cut”.  I personally like it because I know it is my venison I am getting back when I do it myself.  Thanks again.

Douglas W. Vana, Wisconsin Hunters Education Instructor – Foxboro, WI


Bill’s venison processing seminar provides excellent “HOW TO” information. It is one of the best attended seminars at our annual sports show and is extremely well received. A copy of Bill’s videos on venison processing, fish filleting and knife sharpening would be a good addition to anyone’s hunting and fishing video library.

Daniel Brown, President – Douglas County Fish and Game League