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About Our Seminars

Seminar PhotoIn addition to our how-to video series, Hess Video Productions also provides seminars on care and processing of venison. You can find us a variety of outdoor, hunting and fishing expos as well as private events. These seminars usually last about one hour, depending on audience participation and questions that are asked.

The seminar consists of actually processing a deer. We show you how to do what is shown in our video “Care and processing of Venison 3rd Edition”. We explain how to take care of the animals you harvest so you will always have good tasting meat, how to use the weight of the animal to help you process it, how to identify and cut the primal and how to wrap the meat. Tips are also given on how to tie roasts so they will cook evenly and slice properly. Knife selection, care and sharpening is also covered along with some ideas on sausage making.  We can also cover Chronic Wasting Disease and lead fragmentation issues.

To find out more about or schedule a seminar, contact Bill Hesselgrave. To see what others have to say about our seminars, view our testimonials.

Upcoming Events

Duluth Deer Classic Feb 13 - 17, 2019Location
Booth 882DEEC 350 Harbor Drive Duluth, MN
Douglas County Fish & Game Spots Show March 29 - 31, 2019Location
Virtual Hunting, With Lazor ShotWessman Arena 2701 Catlin Ave. Superior, WI
Filleting Fish" Northern, Waleye, Trout, Pan Fish and more
Saturday March 30
6:00 pm