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step-by-step videos showing how to field dress, clean, skin and process venison using only a knife

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Care and Processing of Venison 3rd Edition
This over 100 minute “how to” video shows you how to take care of venison so you will always have good tasting meat.  This video also addresses Chronic Wasting Disease and Lead Fragmentation concerns.“Care and Processing of Venison” takes you from the field to the freezer using only knives. The techniques you learn will work on all the big game you harvest. An excellent tool for Hunters Safety Training classes.Price: $15.00 (includes S/H)
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Filleting Fish 2nd Edition DVD

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Filleting Fish the Easy Way 2nd Edition
Filleting Fish the Easy Way 2nd Edition is about  40 minutes long.  In this video,  Bill shows you how to fillet Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Bass and pan fish.  You will learn how to get whole and totally boneless fillets off each side of the fish and how to remove the “Y” bones and Pin bones out of fish.  You will also learn how to remove the cheek meat and gullet from fish.  The techniques you learn will help you in filleting all the types of fish you catch.Price: $10.00 (includes S/H)
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Getting The Razor Edge DVD

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Getting the Razor Edge 2nd Edition
In this over 40 minute video, Bill shows you how to select, sharpen and maintain the knives you use for fishing, hunting and home. Bill shows you how to get a Razor Edge on your knives.Price: $10.00 (includes S/H)
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DVD 3 pak All Three DVD Videos
Get all three DVD videos.  Over two hours of viewing showing you how to select and sharpen your knives and then how to use them for filleting fish and processing your wild game.Price: $25.00 (includes S/H)
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Knives & Sharpening Tools

We carry a wide variety of knives for hunting, fishing and home from  Schrade, Smith & Wesson, and Mundial. Norton provides the systems necessary to sharpen your tools.   Go to our store to see more details and products available.

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