Pineapple Salsa

by Riecke Baumann

Note:  The portions are intentionally vague, as tastes differ.

  1. One large or three small pineapples.  Canned pineapples are ok, just who knows what it’ll taste like, the first time.  Chopped very fine.
  2. One chopped whole jalapeno
  3. 3 slices (slices not the whole thing) of yellow onion, all chopped up
  4. 2 teaspoons of vinegar
  5. 5 teaspoons of apple sauce (more or less)
  6. 2 teaspoons of oil


Insert chips; insert chips into mouth; drink beer. Repeat.

You can adjust the jalapeno to taste.

Add wine, grill fish with it.  Very yummy.