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prod-group08Hess Video Productions produces “how to” learning videos specializing in topics such as deer and wild game processing, fish filleting and knife sharpening. Our videos are the perfect tool for any hunter or fisherman looking to make more of what they catch.

We currently have a video on care and processing of venison, which shows you how to get totally boneless meat cut properly so it will be wholesome, tender and always good tasting. Our fish filleting video shows you how to fillet the fish you catch so the fillets are whole and totally boneless, including taking the “Y” bones out of the northern pike and lake trout and the pin bones out of walleye and bass. Our knife sharpening video shows you step by step how to get and maintain a razor edge on all the knives you use.  Plus, we also provide a quality selection of knives, steels and sharpening stones. Don’t forget to visit our recipe page and products page.



Homemade Sausage Made EasyNew Video: Homemade Sausage Made Easy!

Our sausage making video shows you the basics of making fresh sausage and another delicious way to use the venison you harvest. Click here to get your copy today!


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